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"I just saw your screen test. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together." - Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall during their first meeting on the WB lot after she tested for "To Have and Have Not"
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. (by What fools these Mortals be!)
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when you are close,
whisper poetry into her ear.

when she starts to undress her soul for you, pay close attention and love it and let it consume you and let it ruin you.

plant roses across her body with your lips. do not let your words bite her in places that only words can bite.

if she is lonely, befriend her loneliness and rip it apart so only she is left.

be immensely passionate with your eyes. let them dance over her skin, let them tell her that she is the essence of beauty.

let her feed you to the beasts,
let the beasts tear you apart.

be gentle, be rough,
be calm and horrendous.

burn her insides with your fire.

refresh, refresh, refresh.
love her over and over again.

Zaeema, “God, I love her so much, what should I do?” (via zjhussain)
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